Just Move Baby

By Julie Janeway and Karen Sparks

Let's face it. Few of us really love to exercise. I'm certainly one of those people. I don't even like the word exercise. So I've decided to pretty much banish that word from my life. I figured that if I didn't like the word, it was probably making the activity less attractive as well. So I decided to replace the word with movement. Movement I can do. I have to move to do anything = make dinner, take a shower, give a presentation, drive, whatever. I can't dislike the word movement because it's something I need to do in order to do anything else. If I couldn't move, I'd have a severely restricted life, and after all, this whole weight loss thing is intended to take some of the restrictions off my life. So, I go with the word movement.

I move everyday, but I still have to push myself to move more everyday, and move in more efficient ways that help me reach my goals. That requires rationalization - the positive kind, not the kind that results in skipping the treadmill in favor of grazing in the kitchen. I first try to remind myself that moving doesn't hurt, and in fact it makes my back (broken in a car accident) feel better. It also builds muscle which increase fat usage, which reduces my fat stores, which makes me smaller and lighter. It oxygenates my system which makes the fat burn quicker, and it helps my skin look brighter and healthier. It tones my muscles so that my clothes fit better and I feel better about myself. It reduces stress, anxiety, and depression, and that makes me feel better too. It can lower blood pressure and cholesterol, help regulate blood sugar, and strengthen my heart. And, it makes me a little stronger so I can haul more luggage through airports and take some of the strain off my business partner Karen. Everyday I have to go through this little litany of reasons to motivate me to move more. Some days it just doesn't work, but most days it does. Some rockin' 80's dance music on the radio doesn't hurt either.

The moral of the story here is that you just have to move. It's not exercise, it's just movement, and we can all do that one way or another. Every burned calorie counts so find a way to move more each day, and rock on!