Welcome to the Celebrate Vitamins homepage for Kaiser Permanente patients.  

By working with the health care team at Kaiser Permanente, we have developed vitamin starter kits and maintenance kits to help make the task of selecting the proper supplements following surgery a little easier.  Immediately following surgery, it is recomended that you select one of the three starter kits.  Once you reach your 3-month mark, you may re-order the starter kit, select a maintenance kit or select products individually.  We encourage you to try some of the other great products and flavors to see what other items that you may enjoy. 

 Get started:

1. Review the kits.  We have made 3 starter kits that all provide the exact same level of supplementation but offer various flavors of our products.  If you are further out from surgery, there are a total of 8 mantenance kits (3 for bypass, 3 for sleeve and 2 for band).

2.  Select the SHOP NOW button to proceed to the SHOP section.

3.  After reviewing the kits, select the one that is best suited for you based on your flavor preferences by clicking "add to cart".

*Note--You must also select if you want this product to be placed on automatic ship.  If you choose yes, you will get a new 90-day kit billed and shipped to you every 90 days.  If you select no, you will have this one kit sent to you this one time.

4.  Once selecting add to cart, you will be directed to the shopping cart which will show your kit and subtotal.  All orders over $100 qualify for FREE SHIPPING.  If you are done shopping, click “proceed to checkout”.  If not, click "continue shopping".

5.  Enter your complete address.  At this point you may choose to create an account for future purchases.  If you do this, every time that you sign in on our website, you will be recognized as a Kaiser Permanente patient and you will be able to view the Kaiser Permanente kits.

6.  Shipping costs will show after the previous step.  If you are satisfied with the free shipping option (it should already be checked for orders over $100), then enter your Credit Card information.

7.  Enter the Kaiser Permanente coupon code: (KPCATEN for California) and (KPORTEN for Oregon) to receive 10% off your order.

8.  Click “place order now”.  Only click this once to prevent duplicate orders. 

9.  If you have questions at any point, please do not hesitate to contact us at 877-424-1953 or at success@celebratevitamins.com